The Martyrs of Burma
{This Poem is dedicated to The Martyrs’ Day of Burma}
Composed and touched by Min Maung (Samurai)

Burma’s Martyrs bear their soul at twist and turns of Burma’s fate
How dare did their live in the death hate
Either that gloomy day became their lives that make people happy
Or their death that makes an opposite enemy angry
Their noble spirits have never had wavering mind
As striving their “Independent Dream”, if to achieve of to die
What if their live turns at ease, don’t they live
Feared and what they have be forbidden to death grip
When Gen-Aung San speaks, all walks of people in Burma listen
And his voice echoes among people having goose pimple brighten
Saying “I see my death, but must I rush into it”
This is the death of noble man, no way to flinch it
Whosoever sacrifices their desires like an honorable death
Then this is dead sure yet never their names come to death
How they bear the burnt of death but take their death toll
As if no one can ring “To Whom the Bells toll”
But fateful day on that July 19, 1947, Martyrs can ring death toll
Hey! My new generation is in Burma to come!
Can you be patient with the 19 Martyrs’ pain?
Are you fear of no gain? If no pain?
While your life have no benefits before you
Or humiliating defeat just in front of you
Even facing contemptuous defeat, fatal blow to you
Take your valor like your country’s Martyrs
Throw your heart at your enemies’ faces
And your heart be iron, burning desire, and fire!
Protect your innate right and freedom and free from fear!
Doesn’t your guts hit hard into people’s heart?
So all people of the ethnics of Burma will know that you are the man of Martyr Heart!

Composed and touched by Min Maung (Samurai)


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