Care oneself
Never care other affairs
Not because of a giver
But because of a taker
Diseases can be cured
Selfish desire’s no scare
Look down upon another
Pour high-handed on other
Does he say glide
People might is not right
Not to sympathy and empathy
But to apathy
Stare at one with aggressive tendency
No to treat with helping mercy
As time wore on
Does he become a dictator!
As time dragged on
Can he make an oppressor!
Of all lives is in one command
Still alive is rarely common
Blood-shed everywhere almost
Junta’s joy enjoys at most
Fame comes to prison
Notoriety happens to despotism
Suck blood for ever trend
Say no to speak national compromise hands.
Self-esteem in only pride and prejudice
Barely esteem in other attitude.                                                                                              
By Poet Min Maung (Samurai)  
Natural Name, Mr. Myat Ko Ko


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